Rainforest World Music Festival

by martinhesp


I see that tonight BBC Radio 3 is broadcasting a programme made at the Rainforest World Music Festival in Borneo. I hugely enjoyed being there a few years ago, so have looked at a few photos.

ImageMost of my pics are a bit shaky because it was night time and I didn’t use a flash – but here’s the place in evening light as we arrived.

ImageThe Sarawak tourism people even provided we few media-folk with our own centre where we could chill out in the heat.

ImageI spent a lot of time walking around exploring the sight in the sultry midnight heat.

ImageThere’s plenty of amazing street food around the place – and, fortunately for me, a lot of cold beer.

ImageI even went to this stand for a henna tattoo is a bid to shock my family when I eventually returned from Borneo.

ImageBut, of course, the main thing is the music – which I was utterly stunned by…Image

I even bought a double CD of the artists at the event and have been playing it my car ever since.

ImageI vaguely remember dancing the night away under the Sarawak stars.


The entire experience of the Rainforest World Music Festival was a bit similar to that outlined in Alain Fournier’s book Le Grande Meaunes.

ImageOne day soon, I intend returning the that magical event in the jungle.


Check it out at http://rwmf.net/