Doors Which Have Closed To Me Around the World

by martinhesp

ImageDoors are strange things. We all have them – we all see them – and most are closed. That’s what they’re for. Closing. Keeping the world out. And yet…ImageClosed doors always fascinate me. There is a hell of a big difference between a portal that is shut and one that is open – like the door above in Dominica.ImageI find closed doors more intriguing than open ones. Especially when I’m far afield on my travels. In North Africa you see a lot of them – and you always wonder what’s going on behind the ornate woodwork.Image

I guess that’s a metaphor for life. You want to go through doors, but they remain barred.ImageYou could knock, I suppose – but some doors like these in the Auvergne in France don’t look too welcoming.ImageYou get the feeling in places like this the doors really are there to keep people out rather than let people inImage

Then there are the primitive barriers you see in huts in the Caribbean – somehow they still retain that sense of mystery.ImageThen there are the exotic doors – like the colourful ones in the Far East.Image

Doors – that are open – and doors that are closed…ImageAnd some you never want to enter…Image