Thoughts on Presenting TV Walks

by martinhesp

ImageSince my last blog lots of people have asked me about the old ITV Westcountry walks packages we used to do. Which doesn’t surprise me at all, because they were very popular.

And, I mean, really popular. I said before, if I had a ten pound note for every time someone has come up to me and asked when we are going to do some more, I’d be rich.
They weren’t popular because of me and my ugly mug, in any way – but because we did what I believe is now known as a ‘Carlsberg’ – in other words we took TV cameras to places they don’t normally reach.
I plan to write a proper blog on my thoughts concerning the presentation of television walks soon – I’m still learning this blogging business so don’t really know what works and what doesn’t.

But I do believe we did learn how to put beautiful and interesting walks on TV.
Here are just a few stills from the good old days when cameraman Chris Harris, producer Cathy Sayers and I were making popular TV packages every week.  Image