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Absolutely fascinating to see which blogs are popular and who likes them – there’s a big learning curve in this strange art-form

Martin Hesp journalist


As part of my job as the editor-at-large for the Western Morning News I write a weekly walks column – and have done so for the past 13 years. Which I think makes me the longest running (if you can use that phrase for a walks writer) hiking hack working for any daily newspaper on a regular basis in the UK.

But like my claim to be the only editor-at-large left in the country, that boast will probably turn out to be untrue as well. Never mind, it’s worth asking the question in a blog…
Anyway, one of the great perks about walks writing in the South West is that you get to fly out to the remarkable, magical, beautiful, addictive Isles of Scilly every now and again.
Indeed, I am meant to be there right now. You cannot imagine how sad I am to have to report a no-show…

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