by martinhesp

I’ve added a couple of photos to this blog – because these beaches could be right next door to the football club that in some small way helped give me the idea for this novel – NOT, I hasten to add, that a single character is based on any real person.

Martin Hesp journalist

Doniford Beach 1 copy

Years ago I wrote a novel with the strange but I think alluring name – The Football Club That Played Too Close To The Sea. It begins a little depressingly – as you you shall see here – but soon picks up a pace. Reading a bit of it now, I recall how much I was fond of the story all those long years ago.

Have a look – and please tell me what you think. I’ll put up some more of it soon.

The Football Club That Played Too Close To The Sea

The snowflake had formed somewhere high out over the grey, windswept Atlantic approaches in a black cloud that was making its way east towards England. From its dark, amorphous mother the intricate petal of ice began its short life by fluttering and falling across the grey Bristol Channel, down over the empty expanses of the grey-blue…

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