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By the way – can I just add that I’ve had my haircut since blog pic was taken – sorry to sound vain but the subject caused a big fuss in my paper – and now I’ve got used to having shorter hair can see I looked a bit ridiculous with the lank long mop.

Martin Hesp journalist


If you grow up in the shadow of an exceedingly beautiful upland like the Quantock Hills there is a strong likelihood that the great eminence will, in some way, affect your development. Such a large physical feature in the landscape maintains a constant presence simply because of its size and scale, but there’s more to it than that: the mere curvature of the hills seems to echo thoughts and memories, and the distant winding coombes that disappear into the red sandstone bowels of those hills never fail to inspire thoughts of mystery and excitement.


For the imaginative child growing up in the vale nearby, the hills become that “other place”. They are a realm of the subconscious. They are a constant, and yet their secrets remain aloof and unknown. They are with you always – but, for the most part, only as an idea or whim.


Over time…

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