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I once made an hour long documentary about Sherlock Holmes – partly because we learned that as a literary figure he has more fan-clubs and societies than any other in the world. Would be interested in solme Sherlockian feedback as I am thinking about re-editing the documentary and putting some of it on YouTube

Martin Hesp journalist


Several who read my earlier blog asked about my Swiss journalistic travels with the Sherlock Holmes Society of London – and indeed it was one of the oddest, most humorous, enjoyable and sometimes hilarious press trips I’ve been on in 30 years.  
What follows is an edited version of an article which appeared in the Western Morning News…
Twice I have peered over the brink of the Reichenbach Falls and seen the very spot where Sherlock Holmes and Professor James Moriarty fought and took their infamous tumble.

Anyone who has read the stories of Sherlock Holmes will know that the world’s first consulting detective did not perish in that terrible cauldron – he disappeared from the world, only to re-emerge in deepest, darkest, Dartmoor eight years later.
That is how long it took for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to revive his most famous creation after…

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